Another look at Afrihost


So a few months back I posted my rant (click here) about the situation of throttling by Afrihost/Axxess. Now once again just to clarify, I was at the time an Axxess customer but I want to ensure that no one forgets that Axxess is owned by Afrihost and as such also needs to take some responsibility for the actions of any subsidiary companies – but back to topic. I thought I would carry out a another little experiment. I wanted to see how much Afrihost and Axxess actually shared. We know that they share the same custom built MTN network. I was curious about how closely their management of the bandwidth on that network is in sync with one another.

The only way to find out was of course to change service providers from Axxess to Afrihost (I know, I know – but I was curious). It has led to a very interesting discovery. Throttling still occurred yes, and this throttling was indeed still sometimes to the magnitude of over 90%, but, and this is a big but, it occurred far less frequently than when I was with Axxess. In fact it seems to be occurring less and less as time goes on – but more importantly the manner in which the throttling was done was more with what I expected than with Axxess. It was was usually only done within peak business times when one expects heavy congestion and the amount of throttling sometimes would change on a hourly basis. This shows a better approach to the management of the network in my opinion, one where the network is consistently monitored and adjustments made on an hourly basis.

I will however not count my chickens before they hatch and am monitoring the behaviour of my connection closely. Thus far however I applaud Afrihost for the effort on their side for trying to keep everyone happy. Will I retract my previous rant? Not a chance – they still need to make sure that their subsidiaries behave.


  1. Thanks for your informative writing. What are you getting in terms of torrent speeds out of business hours? And what line are you on? 4mb or 2mb uncapped?

    • At the moment I am getting full line speed on torrents out of business hours (and these days within business hours a lot of the time as well). I have got a 2Mbps line. I can with confidence say that the situation has only improved since I wrote this post.


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