Cellular Automata and Swarm Intelligence

I have been playing around with HxCAS a little bit today in preparation for a demonstration the team and myself are giving tomorrow. For a while I have been wanting to write a small CA program that demonstrates some very simple swarm intelligence. Today I finally got it working 🙂

The program is quite simple. The goal of the swarm agents are to locate a beacon. So the agents will randomly roam about looking for any beacon. If they find a beacon or another agent which has reportedly found a beacon then they will stop and report the found beacon. (Thus they can tell any other agents in the vicinity that they found a beacon) While the agents roam about they have the potential to crash into each other (which will result in one of the agents being lost)

I have added the world (complete with rules and colour settings) to the newly created Downloads page. Feel free to play around with it. Note that you will need the latest version of HxCAS to run the compile the rules as I had to add a function the the standard library to get it all working nicely.

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