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The HexCore Cellular Automata Simulator and Editor is a tool that can be used to setup and observe the behaviour of cellular automata simulations. This project was completed by Team HexCore: Divan Burger, Megan Duncan, Apurva Kumar, Leon van Dyk, Melissa Ingels and finally myself as project manager. This was our final year project for The University of Pretoria in October 2011.


Flooding Simulation

Features of the system include:

  • Support for heterogeneous worlds
  • 2D and 3D support
  • Multiple properties per cell
  • Viewing of simulation through multiple customisable view-ports
  • Simple easy-to-learn domain specific programming language to specify automaton behaviour
  • Support for distributed network computation of simulations
  • Import of height maps

The project has been made open source and is available on GitHub. Here are some screen shots of the system:

Main Menu

Main Menu


HxCAS World Property Editor

HxCAS World Property Editor


HxCAS Rule Editor

Rule Editor


HxCAS World Value Editor

World Value Editor


HxCAS Simulation


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